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Music digital rights management, monetization, and distribution at its finest!

Free Distribution

Our service is completely free as we only take 10% of the revenue we generate from the music we publish on the different distribution platforms. No upfront cost to you!

Rights Management

You are able to manage your rights on various platforms by blocking or monetizing content to earn revenue. Control and earn from your music regardless of where it is on the web!

Multiple Platforms

We distribute on over a 100 different platforms across the globe. Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Apple Music, and YouTube are some of the more notable ones. However, rest assured that your music is being distributed all across the web and all around the globe!

Grow Your Fan Base

We distribute your music on so many platforms that it is inevitable that people will hear your music which will certainly grow your fan base. You will gain fans across the globe and the more music you provide us, the more fans you will gain!